Eventoplus 2015 Award: Spanish Passion

Bronze at the Eventoplus 2015 Awards

One more year Sintonizart & Spaintacular are awarded with a Gold and a Bronze in the Eventoplus 2015 Awards. The bronze was for the event "Hola España Fiesta, Spanish Passion".

Hola España Fiesta, Spanish Passion
A reception starring a group of Castellers. A dinner accompanied by a large orchestra and an animation in which an acrobat surprised the public by being suspended in the air thanks to helium balloons, with which she moved through space, interacting with the audience. This was followed by Spanish Passion, with a flawless choreography. The Cyberflamenco show closed the evening, with a combination of technology and tradition, a show with great force and passion, ideal to put the icing on an evening in which entertainment was the highlight from beginning to end.