Eventplus 2015 Award: Akuiris

Best Animation and Show

One more year Sintonizart & Spaintacular are awarded with a Gold prize at the Eventoplus Awards in the category Best Animation and Show, the same one in which they won in 2011, 2010 and 2012. This means that, with the prize obtained in 2015, Sintonizart has become the most awarded in this category, all evidence that the company’s creativity and eagerness for innovation grows year after year.

Mediterranean Winds Akuiris
A group of traditional Spanish guitarists called “tuna”, Columbus and his travel companions were responsible for offering a unique welcome to the attendees. Violin music softened the dinner with soft melodies. Akuiris was the final show, representing the beauty of the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in a contemporary way. Dance, illuminated sea urchins, light jugglers and the hypnotizing voice of a singer were the show's main ingredients.