Eventoplus Awards 2010: Ocean Club Marbella

Sintonizart & Decoliflor

Sintonizart was awarded the prize for Best Performance or Show in 2010, along with Decoliflor, for the opening night of Ocean Club Marbella – a white fantasy party that showed Sintonizart’s expertise at adapting to the needs of the client, creating an event full of glamour and elegance.

The performers interacted with guests, who were delighted with their beachside party, creating shows filled with light and colour. The Damas del Mar welcomed the guests, the Mujeres Mesa offered delicious hors d'oeuvres, the Geoality handed out cocktails, while a band played chill-out Mediterranean tunes. The Akuiris Show was held in the swimming pool, delighting guests with its floating stage for dancers and mermaids performing synchronised swimming. The party ended with Vanguardist, another Sintonizart creation in which a dance group become human lights changing colours. The entire performance produced an event overflowing with artistic energy and a winning atmosphere.