Eventoplus Awards 2012: Miradas a Barcelona

Best Performance or Show: Miradas a Barcelona.

In 2012 Sintonizart was once again awarded the Eventoplus prize in the category, Best Performance or Show, with its Miradas a Barcelona event for the HP international convention, for MCI.

Miradas a Barcelona conveys the essence of Barcelona and the city’s key values. Shows with over 180 performers, all specialists in their art, were held during the event to represent the history and artistic and cultural evolution of the city.

The objective of the event was to demonstrate Barcelona’s key cultural aspects. The journey began with the most traditional aspects, such as the statues on La Rambla, the Castellers, who symbolise solidarity, the Gegants, the rumba catalana and the impressive guitar orchestra; then moved on to works by Modernist artists such as Gaudí, Miró and Dalí; before finishing at the sea to the sound of the batucada and parades representing the wind and waves. The star of the final show was technology, with the sensational Technologique, featuring lasers, a guitar player, singer and futuristic dancers, representing innovative, contemporary Barcelona.