Kio Aubà speaker at the third university conference of communication and events

The interaction of the audience at events

The third University Congress of Communication and Events was be held in Madrid at the Ateneo on May 7th to 9th, for professionals working in event management at companies and organizations, and event-management postgraduates from universities all across Spain. With a capacity of 300 guests, the event is promoted by universities and regulatory associations all around the peninsula.

In its third year, the congress focuses on the interaction of the audience at events, after the latest studies published on the events market and protocol put the audience as the true protagonist at any event.

The founder and artistic director of Sintonizart, Kio Aubà, presented a paper on “Mise en scène, entertainment and performance at events: Artistic production as a factor of guest motivation and involvement”. With three gold Eventoplus awards behind him, for Best Effects and Performance 2010, 2011 and 2014, and the silver for Most Inspiring and Motivational Event (among others), Aubà will share his wisdom and some practical examples of success with the audience, with a focus on interaction and entertainment at events of all types.

Kio Aubà’s long experience in the world of events has made him a key player in the field, where he is known and respected nationally as a great creative and an expert in entertainment, and where his cutting-edge productions set the pace.

During his two decades as artistic director and content creative, Kio has always set his sights on conceiving, designing and producing something new and unprecedented, with a total disregard for risk, and always determined to thrill and amaze his audiences, making them part of the acts since his very first luminous characters in 1997. Kio has a clear passion for creating local, national and original content.

An hour long talk showing old and new photos, videos that demonstrate his love of innovation. The selection that displayed his constant study of new artistic forms that inspire the industry and have even made history.