Sintonizart designs an event where traditional is the protagonist

Human towers, dance, music and flamenco-style percussion

Sintonizart created a spectacular atmosphere with careful characterization of artists and an excellent technical set up. These elements were key to achieving the goals of this a new event organized by Spaintacular at the Museu Marítim of Barcelona.

The flamenco statues and the rumba trio welcomed the 200 guests who enjoyed a cocktail while sampling the exquisite iberian ham. The Castellers, one of the most valued Catalan traditions in the world, surprised the auedience with the formation of three different human castles. The flamenco dancers showed off their talent as they led the attendees into the large decorated room for the gala dinner.

An MC dressed as a faralae, welcomed the attendees and presented the different acts. A batucada performance with flamenco airs transported the evening to new levels with their passionate percussion. The event culminated with the Cyberflamenco Show, Sintonizart’s very own production, which fuses flamenco with the latest technology. The audience was enthralled by all the entertainment and actively participated in each of the spectacular acts.