Technology and future in an event for Hotel Barceló

14 sintonizart artists anticipate the future

IBTM World is a fair held in Barcelona and serves as a meeting point for those responsible for the events sector. In this context, the Hotel Barceló Sants wanted to showcase its facilities, designed to hold corporate events and conventions. As a novelty, an immersive screening room was introduced. 

This specific event was attended by about 350 people from the event organization sector, both nationally and internationally. The concept of the event revolved around the theme of technology and the future.

A team of 25 people, including artists and technicians from Sintonizart, made this audiovisual and interactive experience possible. An event in which the staging consisted of images that came from 5 projectors to cover all the walls, resulting in a surprising visual explosion.

An atmospheric music band called Gravity (created by Sintonizart) enhanced the ambiance with their warm electronic beats.

Highlights included remote-control cocktail tables, mechanical ants, technological installations, dancing robots, LED light tube dancers and a UV glow DJ. All this combined with a large dose of creativity and talent that came together to create an event that could perfectly happen in 2050.