Sintonizart widens its technical and artistic alliances


The artistic company Sintonizart is widening its artistic and technical repertoire thanks to the perfect coordination of a team of professionals, specialising in all spheres of artistic and technical strategies, who truly enjoy working together to create the perfect event. Areas of expertise cover audio-visuals, lighting and artistic acts, to take care of every minute detail of the mise en scène and creating original shows and unique performances.

Sintonizart was in charge of the global technical production of a corporate event for a big name in the technology industry that went on for three days and was held at Barcelona’s Pullman Hotel. This event was the largest organised for the company since the Miradas a Barcelona show in 2010, for which they won the gold award for Best Show at the Eventoplus awards. On both occasions the global production included visual, audio and lighting effects.

Sintonizart were responsible for organising the artistic as well as the technical production. In reception, guests were welcomed by the Lámparas Mágicas (the Magic Lamps) performing mime and theatrical acts, and the convention opened with a performance of flamenco silhouettes created against a screen, and one of the most impressive moments of the evening was a performance by violinists against a scenario of laser effects. Their hand movements generated the lightshow, creating a spectacular display of coloured lights that swept over the audience. The show is one of Sintonizart’s most recent creations, called the String Laser Show.

The Mujeres Chupito (the Shots Ladies) offered smiles and drinks to guests, and the outstanding entertainments continued with an original display with laser gloves from the compère, whose hands shot light rays out over the audience to create a visual show that combined perfectly with the technical scene and Sintonizart’s performances. The evening was brought to a close with the spectacular Human Light Show, performed by dancers wearing illuminated costumes.

Once again Sintonizart completed a faultless fusion of technical and artistic talent, using all their accumulated experience and their signature originality, employed to offer solutions and technically creative events.