Sintonizart’s technical productions

Technical and artistic knowledge in full harmony

Sintonizart explores the present technological and scenic trends while looking into the future. More and more innovative products result from research and development through technology.

Sintonizart treats the staging with a high level of sensitivity by observing the venue, composing and adapting the contents to the technical needs. The team analyzes in detail all the factors that intervene in the action and the context of the receiving public. The company does not only produce the lighting or sound for the events, but it also applies a technical and creative harmony in all its productions, taking care of the transitions that the event requires.

Sintonizart advises on the technical production from a creative and artistic point of view, contributing great doses of creativity and originality through technology. The company has spent many years betting on new technologies in stage design, always researching in this field with the aim of incorporating and implementing new techniques in the events.
Illuminated choreography and dance, illuminated architecture, laser shows, set designs with light prints, luminous costumes or mapping are protagonists in many of Sintonizart’s productions and scenic formats.