Sintonizart�??s artistic production impresses guests at the Wet Deck launch at Hotel W


Sintonizart opened the Wet Deck party season at Barcelona’s Hotel W with a magnificent night to see in the summer with a splash.

On Sunday 25th May, Sintonizart once again showed off its talent in spectacular style, proving its expertise in artistic production as well as technical assistance with a show staged in the swimming pool itself of the exclusive Hotel W.

Wet Deck is one of Barcelona’s best-known summer pool parties and, to give the occasion the glamour it is known for, a group of dancers gave two performances. The choreography for White Fantasy was fresh and elegant; the dancers floating like waves on the sea with their flowing white costumes and rippling movements. Energetik, meanwhile, infused the setting with sophistication and technology as the reflective costumes and balls of light designed by Sintonizart flashed and darted across the stage.

The light hoop show is the latest in cutting-edge performance, with over 150 different light effects illuminating the stage under a thick carpet of smoke, in a show finale that left guests in a dreamlike state and ready to party, their minds imprinted with a tantalising show that carried through the atmosphere of the night and beyond.