Sintonizart participates in Oceanic Global Ibiza

Kio Aubà collaborates in the artistic direction of the event

The artistic director of Sintonizart, Kio Aubà, participated in the artistic direction of the Oceanic Global Ibiza event, collaborating and advising on technical production as well as on artistic direction.

The star animation of the company was "Mr Fish" an animation with a lifespan of over two decades, with a renovated wardrobe specially for an event that this marine character couldn’t miss. It was not difficult to adapt the scenic products of the company since the marine environment is a recurring theme for the artistic director and creator of the shows.

An immersive experience that involved local communities in an attempt to push global action. Oceanic Global transformed Atzaro into festival full of art, performance, music and debate, and the island of Ibiza was an ideal place for all of this.

The festival included over 30 artists, 25 internationally renowned speakers, and over 30 businesses dedicated to sustainable innovation. There was no shortage of experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality. There were also workshops and activities for the little ones. There were Djs such as Solomun, live music and street performances of all kinds, acrobats, balancing artists, clowns and other animations, as well as a food market with awareness towards the ocean. And all this with the same objective, to make people see that we have the power to promote change as individuals.

The #ourchoicesmatter campaign wants to put place the value on the simple actions we all do in our daily lives that can bring health back to our seas. The idea is to show that many individual decisions can produce a change in the negative footprint that humans are leaving in our ecosystems.

In 16 years, if we continue to act the same way we have acted so far, the damage we have caused to the oceans will be irreversible, although the truth is that we have already caused a deterioration that we will not be able to restore. To give an idea of the urgency of this issue, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, and the fishing industry will collapse by 2048 due to both pollution and overfishing.
35% of the fish in our sea have plastic in their stomachs. It endangers marine life, contributes to acidifying the oceans and infiltrates our food chain. We all consume and we all have the responsibility to manage the waste that results from our consumption.
Sintonizart wants to be on the solutions side.

Photography by: Valya karchevskaya, Andres Iglesias, La Skimal Photography.