Legends of the Sea

Origin, trajectory & evolution

Geometrik is geometry embodied in artists who wear inflatable costumes, taking shape as the show progresses. Playing with different visual angles that surprise the viewer. Geometry and white surfaces that can be used as projection screens, achieving an innovative show and can be adapted to any theme.

Over two decades have passed since the creation of this show that was based on electric motors that fill white geometric shapes with air, resulting in a spectacle of great visual impact and multiple possibilities. A theatrical script that can be adapted to the specific theme of various events or festivals. It includes a combination of artists from different disciplines, from dancers to acrobats.

The Geometrik show has crossed borders arriving in Mexico in 2007, and has been perfected over the years to offer more visual beauty while still surprising the public. It is currently being transformed into a new show called "The Legends of the Sea”, which also includes characters of the "Akuiris" show, and will be brought to light very soon.