Interactive Artistic Experience Walk


On the 20th of January at the Galería Art Fusion, Barcelona, an exhibition of the new art installations for Sintonizart were showcased.It was an innovative display composed of both artistic works and interactive installations. A mix of styles fused performing arts with digital mastery offering the audience a unique experience.

Upon entry an enormous red, high heel acted as a mobile photo opportunity. Giant mechanically operated ants with sensors, were at the whim of the movements of participants. Cutting edge interactive plasma screens with motion sensors created a game in which the viewer was transformed into the star of the show. Three artists in cubist costumes energetically circulated the exhibition. Sensors generating images onto a big screen televised participants movements while a remote-controlled table moved about the room surprising passers-by.

This exhibition was a collaborative display whereby characters and technological installations came to life. The audiences' senses were inspired by interactive games with art taking centre stage.