Sintonizart at the eventoplus days 2015 Fair

Finalists at the eventoplus 2015 awards

The Eventoplus Days Fair is in its ninth year, and celebrates with a huge meeting for original service providers end events and organizers.
The event is to be held at IFEMA in Madrid, in Pavilion 1 on June 1st and 2nd, and Sintonizart won’t miss it for the world!

It’s the ideal place to find the latest ideas and formats that will make your event stand out and really impress your guests, and Sintonizart will be exhibiting their newest and most impressive products that will pave the way in the future of event organization, such as the remote-controlled tables, their latest creation.

Kio Aubà, Sintonizart founder and artistic director, will be speaking from 3.15 to 3.30pm on the theme of “Mise en scène, entertainments and performance at events: Artistic production as a factor in guest motivation and involvement”.

And in the evening...
The winners of the Eventoplus awards 2015 will be revealed. Two of Sintonizart's shows are in the lists of finalists:
- Mediterranean Winds Akuiris
- Hola España Fiesta, Spanish Passion

We can’t wait to find out if we’ve won gold, silver or bronze! We’re nervous but excited about the celebrations!