Gold and bronze at the eventoplus 2015 awards

Best Performance and effects

Once again Sintonizart and Spaintacular have won gold and bronze awards at the Eventoplus 2015 Awards, in the category of Best Effects and Performance, which they also won in 2011, 2010 and 2012. This means that Sintonizart is the artistic company that has won the highest number of awards in this category, demonstrating the ongoing creativity, innovation and talent that just keeps improving every year.

The gold award was for Mediterranean Winds Akuiris; and the bronze for Hola España Fiesta, Spanish Passion.

The awards also go to Spaintacular, who collaborated with Sintonizart to achieve complete perfection, and their efforts are fully appreciated. Pulling off the most risky ideas, that push the limits of what has been done before and that break all conventions, to offer something truly unprecedented, would not have been possible without the support and trust that Spaintacular has granted Sintonizart.

Mediterranean Winds Akuiris
Traditional musicians, Columbus and his travelling companions made a unique welcoming party for the guests. The dinner was accompanied by soft violin melodies, and the final performance, Akuitis, brought the beauty of the Mediterranean depths in contemporary dance along, with a light show by sea urchins and jugglers with hypnotic songs.

Hola España Fiesta, Spanish Passion
Traditional Spanish castellers welcomed guests with a display of their fantastic human towers, and dinner was accompanied by an orchestra and an acrobatics show with the performer suspended in the air by helium balloons, floating through the air and interacting with the guests. The beautiful Spanish Passion dance performance followed, and the night ended with a Cyberflamenco show that mixed traditional dance with the latest technology, bringing a passionate climax to a night packed with entertainment from beginning to end.