Sintonizart presents its new Cyberflamenco show in the Sala Oval


Spaintacular has given Sintonizart the task of technical and artistic production for the Aetna gala dinner at the Sala Oval.

On 5 June, Sintonizart presented a spectacular show, with meticulous decor and a unique technical set, in the Sala Oval of the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

Sintonizart painted the impressive venue in originality and creativity, with lighting and sounds effects, performances and shows, all enjoyed by 350 guests.

Guests were welcomed by musicians playing chill-out Mediterranean tunes outside, as well as a group of Castellers. During the dinner, the atmosphere was energised by an orchestra of Spanish guitar, while the Helium Show amazed diners as a dancer floated across the room using helium balloons before opening giant panels that magically illuminated the dessert. The dance was accompanied by music created especially for the occasion by Sintonizart. The Spanish Passion show, featuring three dancing partners, was a beautiful performance inspired by steps from traditional dances.

The evening finale was the spectacular and innovative Cyberflamenco Show, new from Sintonizart. The audience was wowed by the set and gave the performance a standing ovation, bringing this superb event to a fitting end.