A conference in festival format

Artistic production

Sintonizart carried out the artistic production in a two-day congress of a major company in the technology and video games sector. The event took place at the Barcelona International Convention Center located in the Forum.

On the first day, characters that appeared to be taken from Candy Crush welcomed the audience in a fun and casual way. The guests then ran into musicians as street performers in who played rock and jazz to liven up the lunch break or the interval between conferences. In the evening, the "Rockeoke" band, which consists of a live band that invites the audience to sing like in a karaoke, was a total success.

On the second day the event simulated a festival in the purest Glastonbury style. Sintonizart provided the best cast of artists with bright and colorful costumes to liven up and create the festival atmosphere at the event. Characters who played the piano, violin, guitar, musical saw or percussion instruments with magnetic costumes helped create the classic spirit found in large format festivals.

Photography: Luis Araujo