Flamenco Experience - Annual Convention

Artistic Production

An annual convention was held at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, and Sintonizart was in charge of the artistic production.

The event was co-produced with an agency in Korea, and had an ambitious programme that stretched Sintonizart’s creative capacity. We designed the musical production and choreography, and the Korean agency was responsible for the visual content and the installation of LED screens. Two months of teamwork and coordination between the two companies climaxed in a spectacular show, which fired up with music from a Catalan rumba band to get the atmosphere sparking.

Sintonizart let its imagination flow, with a magic show from one of our most acclaimed performances, the "Flamenco Experience", featuring eight professional dancers who interact with mobile LED screens that slide along rails portraying fantastic images to create an optical illusion and appear to the audience as 3-dimensional doors through which the dancers go in and out of the screens.

The tailor-made show was full of fire, love and passion, using meticulous audio-visual language and impeccable preparation to transmit the values of the brand for all to see at its annual convention.