The sea is brought to life at the Aetna gala dinner


Christopher Columbus and his brothers, the Melodic Maidens and Aquiris at Barcelona’s Maritime Museum, an event created by Sintonizart

Artistic Production company Sintonizart continues to innovate, thanks to the company’s creative minds and their on-going passion for new and original artistic forms.

On 3rd June at the Maritime Museum, Sintonizart produced its latest artistic event, a cocktail reception with period performance by two actors and two jugglers portraying Columbus and his brothers. Columbus himself took on the role of prize-giver, presenting incentive awards on behalf of the company, Aetna.

Two other performances provided evening entertainment during the meal: Melodic Maidens, a group of talented female musicians playing five string instruments – three violins, a viola and a cello. Followed by Aquiris, who wowed the audience with their performance featuring a singer, four contemporary dancers plus two dancers performing with lights that displayed the company logo.

Once again, Sintonizart produced a corporate event full of originality and creative entertainment. The events company has been designing and managing new theatrical formats since 1995. With this event, Sintonizart again proved its ability to adapt to the needs of each client, while keeping ahead of the latest trends in the events management sector.