The Akuiris show grows and evolves

Tradition, modern and future, are the pillars of Akuiris (by Sintonizart in 2010)

The "Court of the sea" formed by marine characters accompanied by an intense drumming group burst into the room with force, to the rhythm of the heartbeat of the earth. The “Stellar Movements”, transformed into luminous sea urchins, led the public to Columbus in the purest street parade style. The master of ceremonies, characterized as Columbus, led the guests through a dynamic and intense evening thanks to a script that kept the attention of the public at all times.

The two imperial tables, the sound, the lighting, the characterization of the artists and the music, resulted in a marine atmosphere so real that the event seemed to be happening at the bottom of the sea.
The Akuiris show shone as never before, with renewed costumes and a more structured and complex script. The starfish dancers accompanied the Goddess of the Sea, who in one of the shows did belly dancing, and in the other sang lyrical opera.

The show also premiered new costumes and a script adapted to the needs of the event. The Illuminated Bubbles, bright logo juggling and Stellar Movements with colored spheres provided the bright finishing touch to a unique evening under the sea.
The event was produced along with Spaintacular at the Barcelona Maritime Museum.