The Sintonizart family grows in 2016

Two new additions to reach even further

The Sintonizart crew grows and specializes in 2016 to conquer new galaxies in the future. Amalia Speratti has recently joined as international project manager and Carles Riart as sales & project manager. For Amalia the best thing about Sintonizart is the team, and Carles finds everything about Sintonizart absolutely fascinating.

Kio Aubà, Sintonizart founder and creative director, is the one who imagines the fantasy worlds. Throughout his career spanning over two decades, Kio Aubà has been surrounded by a brilliant team in which all the members, directly or indirectly, carry an artist inside. What Kio likes most about his work is innovation and creation. He has always been able to perfectly combine his role as artistic director with his role as an artist; one of his most acclaimed shows is "The Disco Ball Man".

Rachel Robertson is the international manager of the company. What she likes most about her role in Sintonizart is what she feels when she sees the events live, she gets goosebumps when she sees the shows. Rachel, like Kio, has combined her activity as an artist with her role as international manager in an excellent way.

Laura Estradé deals with production and human resources. What she likes most is the familiarity that is in the company. For many years she was part of the cast of artists, traveling throughout the country and participating in events full of passion, fun, creativity and fantasy.

Jesus Cobos, a choreographer and dancer, is responsible for the costumes. What he likes most is the team, his coworkers. With many anecdotes of events behind him, Jesus is also one of the artists with the longest history in the company.

Beatriz Navarro plays a crucial role as project manager, and although artistic interpretation is not her specialty, without her, the events would not be possible. What she likes most is to see the final result, the event after all the production has been implemented.

The events, magic, fantasy, success, achievements, news and updates are shared and announced on the web and on social media, and the person responsible for all this is Paula Taboada, the communications manager. What she likes most about the company is the creation of other worlds based on creativity.

Sintonizart has been developing creative content for events for many years and the success of its projects has consolidated the company as a key reference in the sector. But this would not be possible without the effort and hard work of Anna Angulo as head of administration, Esther la Torre and Miguel Estrebel as artists, Paula Herrero coordinating events or acting, Karol Piortz as an artist, Marta Balanchard as choreographer or Mireia Rodríguez as a photographer.

There is no better way to end the year than by celebrating Sintonizart’s large family and growth to start 2017 with what is probably the best team that the company has had since its creation in 2006.