We produced the video clip of Lucrecia 'Latinamericando voy'

A project from Sintonizart´s creative digital studio

Continuing a trend of creation, design and production of video clips, from Sintonizart’s creative, digital studio, we produced the new video clip for the Cuban singer, Lucrecia. In 2021 this talented singer released her new album “Lucrecia de Mil Maneras.” We designed and produced one of her songs “Latinoamericando Voy,” a visual tribute to the American continent and it´s vibrant colors.

From this metaphor emerged the graphic effects that can be seen in the video. Filming took place both in our studio and on location. One of the highlights of this project was the pleasure of working with Lucrecia, without a doubt a wonderful human being and an amazing artist.

To make this music video we collaborated with Vadever Studios and the creativity of Slidemedia.