Storytellers in Barcelona

Sintonizart participates adding artistic ingredients

Ibiza Storytellers is a journey, it is love, it is an immersive experience. This party tells a story that will stay with you forever.

WooMooN is a party that started in Ibiza and began in Cova Santa, a unique and magical place on the island. Storytellers mixes electronic music full of nuances, arts, theater and nature. A creative encounter that came to Barcelona during Sónar 2018 and was held in Poble Espanyol in Montjuic. The party flowed with performances, shows and creativity. The result was an atmosphere of magic and positive energy in a gathering that integrated the artists and the audience, creating a dynamic where everyone helped to tell this remarkable story.

Led by creative director Kio Aubà, the Sintonizart team participated as storytellers and collaborated in the selection of artists. The strategy was focused on creating a village of magical inhabitants, shows and entertainers constantly in action. This talented team created a continuous experience that lasted from 4pm until midnight, providing the attendees with loads of good vibes, opportunities to dig in deeper and create meaning through active participation.

The values of WooMooN coincide with many of the values of this artistic company. Art, humanity, awareness, sustainability, talent, enthusiasm, motivation and attitude are the concepts that surrounded this event. The idea of transforming the present into a way of life where fun and consciousness are united and everyone is able to grow, evolve and express their emotions.

Sintonizart’s team was made up of 52 people including dancers, actors, musicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, production and artistic coordination. The combination of experience and creativity made for a hugely successful event that sold out quickly.