Luhema · flamenco classic chill

Sintonizart management

Luhema is a band that fuses classical flamenco with chillout, a perfect combination of electronic sounds and relaxed atmospheres. They compose their own songs and study popular songs from flamenco and Spanish folklore, adapt them and develop them for the occasion. They interpret adaptations of Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Copla songs, tributes to Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Maestro Rodrigo (Concierto Aranjuez), or Enrique Morente.

Manuel Hernández, known in the sector as Manu Nandez, is a guitarist and musical director of the band Luhema, also formed by a second guitarist, a violinist, a vocalist and a DJ. They all come from flamenco backgrounds, resulting in a balanced group. The musical direction is more versatile and the performance is more sincere.

“Luhema” is what Manu calls his daughter, who has autism and is his muse. Ever since she came to this world, her guitar notes are all for her.

Sintonizart, apart from designing and manufacturing new avant-garde stage formats, also has a musical management section. LuHeMa is one of the bands that we represent.

For Manu, his relationship with music has always been creative. Starting by playing for the "tablaos", his first band was flamenco-pop and he has always been linked to electronic music, hence his passion for chill and its ramifications. His musical career is marked by research and the combination of flamenco and electronic music, while always being respectulf of both fields.

What moves the band is their passion and respect for flamenco and, above all, seeing the audience enjoy their music. Their live acts have a strong flow and they always adapt to the characteristics of the event. They also develop different patterns to create landscapes adapted to the ambient of the event at all times, mixing creativity and interpretation in real time. This is how they manage to transmit to and reach the hearts of the spectators.