2019 trends in interactive, immersive and cutting edge decoration

Interaction and engagement with the audience

Decoration and thematization of spaces are key factors when communicating a message and key values of a brand. Kio Aubà, artistic director at Sintonizart, researches and develops new ways of decorating through the use of interactive products and installations. Not only do these elements create atmospheres and ambiance, they provide an opportunity for guests to participate and engage with their surroundings, thus becoming the stars of the event.

We use the latest technology to create cutting-edge decoration and immersive environments. Unique and exclusive venues always help make an event memorable. When we transform a space using technology, guests have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a new experience, making for truly unforgettable moments.

¿Can you imagine yourself inside a spaceship? This is the effect we achieved at the Barceló Hotel through the use of 360 degree mapping projections. We covered all the walls of the venue with futuristic visual contents, a projected decoration that changed according to the rhythm of the event and all the various performances. This is what we refer to as immersive decoration. The visual contents offer interactive opportunities, such as the participation of the guests in creating messages that can then be visualized in the projections.

Interactive decoration uses products that in addition to creating a beautiful visual landscape also generate interaction and engagement.

The Satellite Mapping is a decorative element that offers the client the possibility to choose the projected message (with video mapping techniques) and may include the company logo. Guests can even interact with the installation! Sensors register the guests’ movements and change the projected content based on their actions. This was the front-runner product in the last edition of the Mobile World Congress.

Decorating with Table Mapping means offering the possibility to surprise the guests through projections on the table, plates, and glasses. It is a video technique that allows us to recreate any reality that we can imagine. The visual content can be adapted to the event theme and the client’s needs.

Decoration with DMX centerpieces. Dinners illuminated by centerpieces that light up on their own through a DMX system of lights that change intensity and color, following the theme of the event. The light effects accompany the acts and shows while the guests are dining.

The remote control cocktail table is both beautiful and provides a surprising impact. It is one of our leading products in the "interactive gastronomy" category. Apart from providing furniture, the tables are a powerful element for interaction. With a simple remote control, we can move the tables at will, and they can be decorated or customized according to the concept of the event.

Interactive fish buffet. Mechanical sculptures are activated and deactivated by the guests’ movements. Marine fauna move with mechanical and electronic systems. This buffet offers a different way to surprise the audience with this "fish market" format.

Interactive Ants with a life of their own astonish guests with their large size and movements. These mechanical beings created out of chains, pinions and engines are designed to interact through motion sensors, which are activated according to what they perceive around them and react to what they find in their path. They can even serve snacks on their backs to the guests.

Decorating an event with the Mechanical Tree creates an astounding impact. This futuristic tree measures more than 6 meters in height and 8 in width.

The mechanical butterflies are also a decorative and interactive element that fills the space with magic and wonder.

A balanced combination of technology, design and experience make for a unique event. This is where cutting-edge, immersive and interactive decoration plays a crucial role.