Illuminated costumes, origin and evolution

1997 - 2018

Kio Aubà is creative director and founder of Decoliflor, a company dedicated to the research of innovative stage formats, which later became Sintonizart. Kio has been researching new methods of creating illuminated costumes for over two decades. In 1996, the LED system that we know today was not yet on the market, so Kio decided to use strings of 24V Christmas lights to illuminate the first "Stellar Movements" costumes. In 1998, he devised another act, "The Luminous Ladies", with an electroluminescent light system, a very fragile thread of light used for decoration. This act evolved into the "Hipnotika" show which now utilizes LEDs.

The first light costumes created are currently one of the most popular items in Sintonizart’s catalog. "The Stellar Movements" have been part of multiple award-winning events as well as small private corporate events such as the presentation of a new Volkswagen model.

"Hipnotika" is an act that has toured various countries for over a decade and has showcased in numerous galas, festivals and corporate events. The characters that make up this performance are inspired by the image of Egyptian pharaohs, guardians of the doors to the third dimension. Kio imagines these characters as intergalactic gods that protect the doors to other worlds.

Kio’s constant investigative work and search for acts never seen before has led him to create more original light shows. The "Magic Lamps" are some of the most popular illuminated acts created by the company to date and have evolved into the "Futuristic Hostesses" who interact with the guests, and give out gourmet cocktails presented on illuminated trays. Kio has also devised and designed performances that play with light such as the " Disco Ball Man" which has toured the world for nearly 2 decades. Other acts include “Light Hoopers", "Geotronik", in which characters with inflatable costumes have images projected on them, "Fluorescent Hostesses" that move among the guests with LED spheres and costumes that shine under UV light, or "Energetik" in which dancers in futuristic costumes perform a choreography with illuminated spheres in different colors.

Decoliflor and later Sintonizart have a history of over 20 years of creating new shows non-stop. Illuminated costumes are only a small part of the artistic productions born in this creative laboratory. Far beyond creating robotic costumes, fantasy, fiction and elegance are the key ingredients in the recipes for these original creations.