‘Back to life’

Gira puts their trust in sintonizart once again with the production of a new, experiential event

‘Vuelta la VIDA’ is the slogan chosen by the GIRA brand to present a new experiential event designed by SINTONIZART. For the first time since the pandemic, this innovative technology company held a face-to-face event that took place in the Villa Mayfair, a unique space, an oasis full of history, surprisingly tucked in an urban landscape.

Upon arriving at the event, guests were greeted by creative characters and elegant musical entertainment. Once the attendees had tasted an energetic cocktail, different groups were organized to take a tour and thus get to know the inside of the house.

A sophisticated host accompanied the guests showing the different areas, where the attendees listened carefully to the stories he told them about the place. Upon reaching the lower level, an artistically lengthy lady presented the most precious secret of the house, a large room with a transparent pool on the roof.

A diver appeared from above, taking pictures of the guests with an underwater camera from inside the pool. An exquisite array of gastronomic delights served up by Cal Blay catering kept the tastebuds tantalized, while magical performances and shows by SINTONIZART put the finishing touches to this experiential event.