Sintonizart Entertainment showcase in Tenerife

200 artists in a magical enclave

Sintonizart amazed their audience in Tenerife carrying out the artistic production of events involving over 200 artists during the course of four days. The travel and catering logistics were handled beautifully by Spaintacular, while the shows and entertainment were up to Sintonizart’s team. One of the challenges was how to adapt the shows to fit the unique and unusual spaces. Additionally, the creative direction sought to tie all the series of events together under one global concept, ensuring that the entertainment and shows embraced a new theme created for the occasion: Nature Dreams.
The pre-production of an event like this requires many months of prior preparation. Sintonizart carried out a musical production based on tropical music from the 50s, and a customized artistic script for the event. Each song was finely tuned, the plants were lit one by one; all the details were considered to achieve a magical atmosphere.
Once again, Sintonizart and Spaintacular demonstrated their ability to rise to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding sector.